We organize training for unemployed persons and employed citizens under Priority axes 1 and 2 of the Operative program “Human Resources Development”.

Professional Training Center Bonev Consult Ltd. is in the list of approved training organizations that provide training under key competences for unemployed persons and employed citizens under Priority axes 1 and 2 of the Operative program “Human Resources Development”. To be included in such a training program, an Application Form from an employed person and a Declaration from that person’s employer will need to be submitted at the Employment Office!

The program provides training under the following key competences approved by the Executive Director of the Employment Agency:

Communication in the native language

Business correspondence – 20 classes

Communication in a foreign language

Russian - 300 classes
English - 300 classes

Digital competence

Training for working with databases, storage and management of information – 50 classes
Working with electronic tables – 50 classes
Working with basic text editing programs – 50 classes
Skills for creating PowerPoint presentations – 50 classes
Graphic design with Corel Draw – 50 classes
Working with specialized software – 50 classes
Web design - 50 classes

Public and civil competences

Security measures and safety – 40 classes
Healthy and safe labor conditions – 40 classes
Management of human resources – 40 classes
Overcoming professional stress – 40 classes
Staff evaluation system - 40 classes

Initiative and entrepreneurship

Business economy – 40 classes
Entrepreneurship – 40 classes
Project planning and management – 40 classes
European projects management – 40 classes
Marketing skills for products and brands - 40 classes

Key competences are a combination of knowledge, skills and mindsets of paramount importance for a person’s development, social acceptance, competitiveness and adaptability for employment. They increase the opportunities for a choice, enhance the adaptability to the changing conditions of life and work, and make people social, mobile, competitive and motivated.

ЗThe Application Forms and Declarations for applying for these programs can be downloaded from here 

Training of employed persons after business hours. When the group is made up from one company, the training will meet the requirements of the course attendees and employer. By decision of the employer, the module training of the training program can be changed – the number of classes of some of the modules can be decreased, thus presenting the chance for the course attendees to acquire more knowledge and skills under another module.