In compliance with the Bulgarian laws, our services are completely free for all job seekers.

Every active person needs to look for a job or wants to change their current job. That process usually takes time – looking for job postings, browsing through websites, going to job interviews for positions that later turn out to be unsuitable for you in regard to the requirements, salary, labor conditions, etc.

We will help you not only find a job but find the most suitable opportunity for self-expression that will satisfy your needs and expectations. We will guide you to your dream job which you will like and work with desire and dedication.

Our goal is to offer active services for job seekers by providing you with a great variety of opportunities to choose from. At our agency, you will find information, attention and understanding about each question connected to the job positions we offer.

We will give you valuable pieces of advice, and together, we will prepare your CV and letter of motivation, and we will prepare you for the job interview with the chosen employer.

Do not hesitate to contact us.