Staff recruitment is one of the most fundamental and important processes for each company. Despite the achievements in the sphere of high technologies and information systems, the human being remains that productive and creative force that can lead to the successful and effective realization of a company policy and strategy, as well as to ensure the competitive advantage of that company. That defines the selection of the right employees as a factor of fundamental significance.

Our goal is to find the most suitable employees who possess professional competences, personal qualities and potential that will suit your company strategy.

After your concrete needs and conditions have been defined, the process of staff selection will begin.

The highly-qualified employees of our agency use traditional and non-traditional channels and methods for searching and selecting staff that will provide you with the employees who possess those required qualities and skills.

What are the benefits of our services?

You will remain anonymous before your competitive companies regarding your needs, if you wish to do so.

We will provide you with real candidates for the job positions you have specified.

We will save you time and resources while you can focus on the nature of your business.

We will help you keep up with the labor market and level of wages.

Why are we more effective than your HR specialists?

  • We take our tasks extremely responsibly and have to show concrete results before we receive our remuneration.
  • The fulfillment of our obligations towards you is not limited only to the work day and week.
  • We maintain a permanent database of potential candidates from various industry sectors that can be presented within a short period of time.
  • We use traditional and non-traditional channels for finding and selecting personnel that have been proven to work.
  • We organize the research, finding and selection of candidates from specific populated areas, specified by you and in agreement with possible company transport offered by you.
  • Our experience enables us to consult you on the current trends of the labor market, the workers’ expectations and how to attract and keep those workers in your company.