The Professional Training Centers at Bonev Consult Ltd. and Practic Group Ltd. are licensed for organizing and licensing of professional training and acquiring a professional qualification degree on the following professions and specialties:

"Wholesale and retail"

"Shop assistant / consultant"

"Finances, banking and insurance"

"Banking" and "Insurance and social insurance"

"Accounting and taxes"

Profession “Operative accountant"

"Secretary and office activities"

Specialty “Business Administration"

"Property protection and personal protection"

"Banking and encashment", "Personal security" and "Physical protection of sites"

"Business management and administration"

"Assistant at a small and medium business”, "Computer operator" and "Economist"

"Metalworking and machine building"


"Production of textile materials, clothes, shoes and leather articles"


"Production of wood products"

"Furniture manufacturing", "Manufacture of upholstered articles" and "Production of doors and windows"

"Hotel industry, restaurant industry and catering"

"Hotel administrator", "Room attendant", "Porter – Bellhop”, etc.

"Construction and geodesy"

"Shuttering", " Manufacture of upholstered articles ", "Roofs", etc.

"Production of foods and drinks"

"Production of confectionery" and "Production of bread and bakery products"


"Hotel industry", "Cattle breeder", "Farmer", "Cultivator"

"Travels, tourism and leisure time"

"Tourism organization and leisure time", "Rural tourism"

"Hairdresser’s and cosmetic services"

"Hairdresser" and "Beautician"

"Landscape gardening and floriculture"

"Floriculture", "Park construction and planting"


"Herb trade" and "Forestry worker"

"Social activities"

"Social work with children from risk families", "Social work with children and adults with disabilities and chronic diseases"